Etelux Glove Box Regeneration Techniques

2020.08.01 07:31

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1) Regeneration fuel: a combination of hydrogen and inert gas (hydrogen accounts for five% -ten%)

two) Amount: 40L gasoline cylinder 10Mpa

3) Regenerative fuel pressure: .05Mpa (the gasoline use for each 50 % hour in the condition of .05Mpa is that the cylinder tension drops by 1.5Mpa. If it exceeds 1.5Mpa, the pressure of the pressure regulator’s routine will be lowered, if it is less than 1.5Mpa Improve the force of the pressure regulator agenda)

four) Approach: three hrs heating-3 several hours heating and air flow-3 hours vacuuming-one hour pumping-ten several hours cooling

5) Methods:

① Join the regeneration fuel (check the pipeline for leaks soon after connection: after connecting, open the primary valve of the stress lessening valve to the optimum, open the auxiliary meter to .1Mpa, switch off the key valve, wait around 15 minutes, if the strain of the auxiliary meter stays at .one Mpa remains unchanged, indicating no air leakage

>②Set the pressure of the auxiliary gauge of the tension cutting down valve to .1Mpa (the tension in the course of air flow is about .06-.08MPa

>③ Shut the cycle and Hundred Class Purification Glove Box analyz

/>④Turn on the vacuum pu

/>⑤ Start out regenerat

/>⑥ The new system ends at 20h (clean up in advance of cleaning, drinking water and oxygen index <200p

r />6) Note: Do not cut off the power and gas during the regeneration process (especially the first 6 hours)! Some pressure reducing valves are not allowed, and the pressure needs to be adjusted appropriately to ensure continuous ventilation for 3 ho

r />7) Observation: whether the regeneration gas flowmeter shows about 20L / min, otherwise adjust the pressure of the pressure reducing valve.

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